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Trying to save in more ways than one

by Megan Shultzaberger
(Archer, FL)

Our first family bottle brick

Our first family bottle brick

So I can not give an excuse as to why I have not been recycling or composting, or why my water heater has been set so high for so long. My family now thinks I am crazy but it is worth it. I filled the recycling bins yesterday, started our compost bucket and got online to see how to change the temp on the water heater and did it with out telling my husband (shhhhh, I want to see if he can notice a differeance in the next few months). I am also going to the hardware store today to buy the felt that goes around doors; both our front door and back door have too much space and are letting all the air out. I am going to do my best to fix that problem. The light during the day is from the windows and we don't leave the air on we open the door. I set the dish washer on normal wash instead of heavy wash and turned the dry part off. Going to put up a clothes line as well, figured the towels and blanckets and sheets can be hung if nothing else, maybe jeans the items that take longer to dry. My 6 year old said he wants to make bottle bricks so we will see how that goes. All in a days work, I feel I have already made a huge change and made a few Sustainable Baby Steps.

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