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Sustainable Building Materials, Design, Remodel, Upgrades, and More

Sustainable Building Materials, Design, Remodel, Upgrades, and More, via SustainableBabySteps.com

Okay, I'll be the first to admit...sustainable building materials, eco-friendly design ideas, remodeling in general...not exactly "baby steps" in the green living world.

Maybe you're just here to learn, maybe you're wanting to slap some fresh paint on the walls without choking out the family, or maybe you're in the beginning phases of building an off-grid cabin in the woods and dressing your children in homemade clothes of bear skin and knit wool. Either way, kudos to you! You're taking some big leaps and we all thank you for it. (Except maybe Moonshine and Earthbeam. They might end up in therapy. Don't fret. They'll come back around. They all do.)

Let's get stepping, shall we?

Eco-Friendly Paint Options

Low-VOC Paint Comparison

Sustainable building materials will inevitably bring up the topic of paint. My hubby and I had the truly insane idea to test out a variety of safe brands to see which actually work well for interior walls. We tested a variety of milk paints, no-VOC paints, and low-VOC paints to find which we preferred. (We found out we preferred never to paint again.)

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Natural Wood Stains

Natural Wood Stain Comparison

Staining your own furniture often comes into play when you're refurbishing vintage or upcycled furniture, old wood floors, or building something of your own. The Mister and I put his carpentry skills to work and looked at a selection of wood stains to find out which ones were both eco-friendly and performed well.

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Natural Wood Sealers

Natural Wood Sealer comparison

After you've stained the upcycled or antique furniture or refurbished your wood floors, you're going to be appalled to have to spread on toxic VOC-laden, asthma-inducing sealant over it. Again, we tested and reviewed several brands ourselves in order to find ones that both worked and were eco-friendly, and came up with some mixed results.

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Sustainable Timber

Sustainable Timber

Big topic when it comes to sustainable building materials! So, I invited an expert in the field to share his experience and thoughts on sustainable timber, including a really cool, new alternative that hardly anyone is talking about (with uses from decks and buildings to underwater canals!).

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Greening Your Garage

Greening Your Garage Plans or Remodel

There is a LOT - and I mean, a LOT - about your garage that can be improved. But it's not just about the chemicals you keep in there (although that should be obvious by now). I'm talking about the energy it sucks from your home, and alternatives to the materials it uses when building or rebuilding.

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