Green & Sustainable Strategies
to Save Money

(Without Sacrificing Your Health, Your Happiness or Your Values)

Whether you're looking for strategies to save money for the long-term or tips on how to save money fast, neither of those goals should mean sacrificing your health or the health of your family, your happiness and fulfillment, or your values.

But a lot of money saving tips do just that.

They advocate eating whatever food you have a coupon for, regardless of the health effects, or they emphasize working hard, saving every penny and not leaving any time to enjoy life. And very few take into account the impact our choices have on the environment (is it really possible to save money by creating waste, pollution, illness, etc?)

I think all those ideas are bogus. I've found from a very early age that our health, our happiness, our values and our budget are all closely intertwined.

When one is out of whack, they all are. When you change one for the better, you affect the rest.

So to show others it's possible to live sustainably and affordably (a big concern we hear) we've put together this free ebook: Green & Sustainable Strategies to Save Money (Without Sacrificing Your Health, Your Happiness or Your Values).

What You Can Expect

FREE ebbok: Sustainable Strategies to Save Money

This free ebook is 24 pages stuffed full of tips and strategies to save money all while living healthier, strengthening family and relationships, finding fulfillment, keeping it simple, benefiting the environment and actually enjoying yourself.

As a bonus, we've even included a section on making money with the same eco-friendly lifestyle!

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