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Soup Can Tab Earrings

by Elizabeth Nelson
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Soup Can Tab Earrings

Soup Can Tab Earrings

Soup Can Tab Earrings

You will need:

-2 soup can tabs
-round nose pliers
-jewelry file or even fingernail file
-very sharp scissors or metal cutters
-ball peen hammer
-anvil or heavy metal to hammer on
-wire- about 20 gauge
-earring wires
-2-6 beads

1. Using your metal cutters or sharp scissors (you might need to experiment to see what works for you), cut the small loop of each tab off, leaving the bigger ovals.

2. Give them a light filing if needed.

3. Hammer with a ball peen hammer to give a hammered metal look. Hammering them this way gives them a 'hand-wrought' look. You don't have to do this step, though. They just look more finished if you do.

4. Decide how many beads you want to use. I used 6 total- 2 glass and one moonstone on each.

5. Cut a piece of wire longer than you think you need and using the round nose pliers, carefully make a loop large enough to go around the soup can tab.

6. String the beads on and make another loop. Open one loop and close up around the soup can tab oval. Put the other loop into the earring wire loop. You may need to twist one of the loops sideways to make the whole thing hang correctly.

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What fun!
by: Anonymous

So pretty & light weight & not too difficult.
Good idea for a preteen party!

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