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Holistic, Natural, and Simple Living with Children & Pets

How to raise kids naturally: tips and ideas for simple, holsitic family living Eco #green #organic, via SustainableBabySteps.com

We're all attracted to the idea of simple living, of slowing down the pace of life, enjoying more of one another, and feeling a connection to the food we eat, the things we do, the Earth we share and most importantly, the family we love.

This section of the site is dedicated to explaining how to simplify and green family life: how we can slow things down, raise healthy kids, and find ways to sustain an enjoyable life together.

From Conception to Infancy

Natural family planning

Raising healthy families and creating healthy homes starts from before conception, goes throughout pregnancy, and continues with a healthy, supportive birth. Whether you're trying to conceive (or avoid conceiving), reconsidering the conventional birthing plan, and (like many of us) suddenly realize that with the birth of your child everything suddenly seems of way more importance, hopefully you'll find some inspiration here. Even if you're not quite there, or maybe way beyond, I hope you'll learn something new to share with others. I just want to say though...there is a LOT to each of these topics, so use these as jumping off points, and explore the books and resources listed in each.

Let's get started from the beginning:

Raising Healthy Kids

150+ family bonding activities

Below are articles dedicated to raising both young and older children in a way that is supportive of them and their needs, as well as your needs for simple living. A lot of this section is really just an overlap of your own lifestyle. After all, kids learn what they live and live what they learn. Things like food, clothing, and their home environment will obviously be much the same as yours. For everything else (or as much as we have added so far!), this section is for you, to inspire you to reduce more waste and toxins, and create a happier home as well.

I've started with probably the healthiest and most sustainable practice of all:

Hey! This section is sad and lonely because you haven't told me what you'd like to see here! Leave a comment below and let me know!

Raising Healthy Pets

eco-friendly pets

Part of simple living is learning how to raise eco-friendly pets. When animals become dependent on their owners for food, shelter and waste disposal, the environmentally conscious decisions must be made by the humans. And our furry children deserve natural and holistic care, too! From shots and grooming to fleas and food, there is a lot to cover in this space. As always, talk to your vet (and seek out a natural vet! they do exist!) if your pet has any pre-existing conditions, or even just to get their feedback. Not all vets will have heard of or approve of natural pet care, so don't hesitate to get more than one opinion. And better yet, point them in this direction so they can check things out for themselves.

Check out these ideas to get you started:

Hey! This section is still pretty sad and lonely, because you haven't told me what you'd like to see here! Hit me up and let me know!

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