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Transportation Alternatives: Save Money on Gas, Decrease Emissions, and Get Healthy

Learn how to save money on gas - the eco-friendly way

I promise you don't have to drive a VW Bug with your dreads hanging out the window to get hardcore Eco in this area. Just learning how to save money on gas should be enough to pique your interest, but it also comes down to your health (which you may or may not be considering yet, but trust me young grasshopper, someday you will) and then all the Green Points you'll get and the smug sense of pride you can parade around the neighborhood.

Because while everyone else is gassing up the guzzler, you'll be waving around your gas receipt (or lack thereof) and insisting you actually did it all for the environment while you sip your Kale and Wheatgrass green juice that you learned how to afford from yours truly. Because that's how us neo-Treehuggers roll!

Of course, our culture's lifestyle and communities are rarely setup to support living without a car. We have to drive long distances to the store, work, and schools. And we're usually too busy to consider anything else.

But these articles are here to help you reconsider that, too.

They discuss the alternatives, as well as how to use our cars in a way that helps to save money, reduce wear and tear on the vehicle, and decrease our dependency on fossil fuels, and I've done my best to present them with the easiest-to-manage up first. Baby steps, after all.

Properly Inflate Your Tires

Inflating tires

Did you know that about 25-33% of vehicles do not have properly inlfated tires and that this account for a 10% increase on fuel costs and countless more pounds of carbon monoxide emissions each year? This makes it the very first thing you should do, and do regularly for sustainability.

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Improving fuel economy

In a nutshell, hypermiling is the art of driving in a way that increasing your fuel economy. Some people have even doubled their gas mileage using hypermiling techniques and made it a challenge for themselves to continue to increase their success. But it's also more than just driving techniques that will help you save money on gas.

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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Eco travel luggage

Although many of us avoid travel whenever possible in our efforts to live consciously and sustainably, there are times when long-distance travel is necessary or desired: holidays, weddings, or business, for example. (And I'm also a bit of a gypsy, so cutting travel out is pretty much against my nature.) Read these eco-friendly travel tips for ideas to keep your footprint as small as possible on the road.

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Car-Free Living Tips

Car free living

What if you could save money by drastically reducing your need for a vehicle at all? Check out this guest post from one of our readers on how they transitioned to using their car less and less, and finally to living completely car-free, even with a family of 5! No joke!

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Alternative Diesel Fuel

Alternative diesel fuel

We get questions all the time on how we've managed to successfully convert two engines to run on waste vegetable oil (found in the trash!), so we compiled all our answers into an overview on vegetable oil conversions to help you understand how it works, what it costs, and know whether it's right for you and your vehicle.

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Other Articles on Eco-Friendly Transportation

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