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Paleo Banana Matcha 'Matchanana' Ice Cream

by Gray Hayes
(Atlanta, GA)

Matcha Banana Ice Cream Photo Credit: Emily

Matcha Banana Ice Cream Photo Credit: Emily

Matcha Banana Ice Cream Photo Credit: Emily Step 3 - Photo Credit: Gray Step 4 - Photo Credit: Gray

Ice cream has never been healthier!

During my exploration of possibilities for a Paleo ice cream recipe that would be one of a kind, I stumbled upon an increasingly popular ingredient known as Matcha tea.

This Japanese ground tea has become a household ingredient, and it is currently used in Japanese cuisine for either color or flavoring. Some of the foods flavored with Matcha are very popular, including soba noodles and mochi, so you may have already tried Matcha tea without even knowing. They even say that Matcha tea shots are the latest Hollywood craze!

Why use Matcha?

There is certainly a lot about Matcha that will impress you. One thing is that just one cup of Matcha tea contains the antioxidant and nutrient equivalent of 10 cups of green tea. This ground tea is also rich in the natural antioxidant (catechin) ECGg, which is one of the toughest cancer fighters out there!

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha!?

Matcha may have acquired a popular status, but it is certainly not a fad. Its health benefits definitely surpass even those of the goji berry, offering almost twice the nutritional value! The more I read about Matcha, the more I was determined to include it as the base of some of my Paleo recipes. I also played around with texture and flavor at the same time. I wanted this ice cream to be as delicious as it would be nutritious.

The Recipe

The recipe itself is inexpensive and simple. Aside from the 2 teaspoons of Matcha, the “meat” of the recipe is essentially the bananas, which contribute to that texture that I wanted: smooth and creamy. These bananas pack the potassium punch that we all need for energy and strength. For flavor, I used cinnamon, honey, and organic vanilla extract. The ice cream can be garnished with coconut flakes, which add flavor, more texture, and keep up with the tropical and refreshing taste of the treat. That is really all there is to it; six simple ingredients that are both tasty and powerful. It is an ice cream powerhouse of healthy nutrients.

Here’s the detailed recipe:

Ingredients -

3 Ripe Organic Bananas
2 tsp Organic Matcha Powder
1 tbsp Raw Honey
1/2 tsp Organic Ground Cinnamon (optional)
2 Vanilla Beans or 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
Coconut Flakes or Chopped Nuts to garnish (optional)


1) Peel Bananas and cut into thick slices
2) Place in ziploc bag and freeze overnight
3) Put all ingredients into food processor Note: Bananas will break into pieces almost like shattered glass when you start to pulse; continue to mix until you have a soft/creamy texture.
4) Pulse until ingredients are well blended and the texture is smooth
5) Garnish with chopped nuts or coconut flakes
6) Serve immediately - To achieve a firmer texture, place ice cream in freezer for 3 to 4 hours prior to serving

Final notes:

I find that this ice cream can actually substitute a mid-morning or a mid-afternoon snack. When eaten alone, it satisfies food cravings for both salt and sugar. This may be because the added potassium and the increased ECGg’s, contained in one cup alone feed your body in a way that no junk food or fast food ever will. Additionally, bananas are well-known for satisfying hunger and activating those “feel good” hormones that we block with stress.

The Paleo Banana Matcha Ice Cream is also a great snack for after running, or after performing any physical exercise. It will replenish many nutrients that are lost through sweat. Bananas are also 74% water, so they will hydrate and balance out electrolytes. Treat yourself with a truly indulging confection. This one is deliciously guilt-free, and even good for you. I hope you love the Paleo Matchanana Ice Cream as much as I do!

Author Bio:

Gray Hayes is an entrepreneur and serious Paleo practitioner with a love for Paleo desserts. See other desserts by Gray at MyEasyPaleoMeals.com.

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