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Growing an Organic Vegetable Garden: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration

Growing an Organic Vegetable Garden: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration, via SustainableBabySteps.com

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. Growing an organic vegetable garden is a BIG topic. By now you should've already learned why you'll want to go organic, all about your options for eco-friendly landscaping, as well as the Gardening 101 basics for things like soil and pests. Below we're going to talk strictly edibles, and then I'm going to hook you up with the in-depth resources to really help you dig in and get your hands dirty. (Get it?)

There are a lot of reasons people want to grow their own veggies: it's cheaper, sustainable, better tasting, healthier. It gives us a healthy outlet for stress and allows us to reconnect to nature. It gets us outdoors, soaking up the vitamin D and fresh air. It creates an aesthetically pleasing landscape while still being useful. Or you know, just cuz they're hungry.

It's not for the unmotivated or unorganized, though. It takes careful planning to ensure all your hard work isn't wasted before you've even begun planting. It takes consistency to nurture and tend to your seedlings. It takes commitment to actually see the fruits of your labor. (Thank goodness for my husband or my plants would all die a slow and droopy death.)

This section is new and still a little sparse. Let me know if you're interested in contributing to its growth!

Medicinal and Edible Weeds

Edible Weeds

Most people don't recognize that a "weed" is just a plant growing somewhere you don't want it. And even fewer realize how many of those plants are actually useful or beneficial, good for anything from salads to salves. The same can be said for edible flowers!

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List of Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers List

For ages cooks have used flowers in cooking, mostly as a garnish or decoration. But in recent years, more folks are discovering the appeal of the colors and flavors of flowers, and are using them as ingredients. In this article we hope to introduce you to how (and why) to use your own flowers.

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Keeping Backyard Chickens

Keeping Backyard Chickens

Keeping backyard chickens for eggs is the bomb. Really. Just be warned: once you have a real egg, you won't be able to go back to the pale, flavorless things found at the store. And then you'll start wondering what else you can raise...like rabbits, or goats, or hey, maybe you could even fit a cow between the swing set and the shed without the neighbors complaining too much. Really, chickens are gateway animals.

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Other Organic Vegetable Garden Articles

This brand new section has BIG expansion plans. Some of the upcoming articles include:

  • Design Your Organic Vegetable Garden
  • Choosing Your Gardening Style (raised bed, no till, etc)
  • The Best Organic Seeds
  • The Easiest Veggies to Grow
  • Indoor Vegetable Gardening
  • Herb Gardening
  • Fruit Trees in Any Space
  • Gardening by the Season
  • Gardening by the Moon

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