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Organic Gardening Books

Managing our gardens is made easier with a myriad of organic gardening books in our home libraries. This page is constantly being updated with new books on gardening, composting, preserving and more.

As with any books, see if you can borrow them from the library or a friend first. If you see it's something you love and will use, then click each book below to find it used on Amazon, if possible.

Click the links below to be taken to each section or scroll down the page to see them all.

Happy gardening!

Organic Gardening Books

Organic gardening is a pretty big topic. This section includes books to get you started on growing anything from flowers to food organically.

perennials book
organic rose garden book
carrots love tomatoes book
how to grow more vegetables book
gardening when it counts book
grow great grub book
lasagna gardening book
square foot gardening book
fast food nation book
newspaper pennies book

Trees and Shrubs

Delve deeper into caring for your trees, shrubs and perennials with this section.

backyard berry book
backyard orchardist book
growing trees
growing trees
fruits berries book

Pests, Birds and Critters

You can't have an organic garden without a few pests, as well as birds and beneficial insects. These organic gardening books will get you started.

organic gardeners handbook
good bug bad bug book
garden insects book
insects and garden book
bees wasps ants book
butterfly and hummingbird book

Books on Composting

Call me strange but composting books are my favorite. Below are just a few of the best.

complete compost guide book
humanure handbook
teaming with microbes book
let it rot book
compost stew book
rodale composting book
garbage helps our garden grow book
build compost system book
compost tea book
compost critters book
worm composting book
composting for dummies book
compost guide book

Seed and Food Preservation

Saving seeds and preserving organic gardens are crucial for true sustainability.

root cellaring book
big book of preserving
seed to seed book
new genertion canning book

Other Organic Gardening Books

This is where you'll find the rest, from seasonal cooking books to greenhouse plans.

eating well in season cook book
fresh market cook book
build your own greenhouse book

Find More Green Living Books and Organic Gardening Tips

The Best Green Living Books
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Share the organic gardening books you can't live without in the comments!

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