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Making Organic Food Affordable (or even free!)

Making Organic Food Affordable: A Step-by-Step Approach for Lowering Your Organic Food Costs by 50% or more

I know what you're thinking. With organic food costs so high, how can even making organic food affordable be possible...let alone lowering the cost to zero?

I'm going to show you how.

Food prices for conventional foods are on the rise. But so is consumer awareness on the health impact of packaged, pesticide-laden, and GMO foods. The majority of consumers have said they prefer to eat organic, but the majority of shoppers still don't.

Why is this? The top concern I hear from you is that "organic food is expensive" and it's just plain hard to prioritize in your budget.

And it's true. The price of organic food routinely runs at least 20% more than their conventional counterparts.

So even though your values might draw you toward pesticide-free foods, your wallet has been the final determiner of what you end up buying.

But just because it CAN BE expensive doesn't mean there aren't ways around high organic food costs.

So I've created an e-guide, Making Organic Food Affordable, full of "organic food hacks" to help you do just that: help you make organic food affordable by getting around the high prices and filling your fridge with the healthiest food possible for a fraction of the price.

Or better yet: Eating organic for FREE.

In my ebook, Making Organic Food Affordable, I've outlined how you can:

  • Create a budget that allows you to prioritize organic food costs without resorting to your credit card
  • Outlined what you can safely "cheat" on if you need to
  • Broken down the exact steps we've used to cut our budget in half (or more!)

The entire Making Organic Food Affordable process is laid out in a easy to use system.

Step-by-step. Simplified information. Non-overwhelming.

Making Organic Food Affordable covers ideas, tips, tricks, strategies, and resources to help you AT LEAST match what you currently spend on conventional food while you work your way toward ZERO organic food costs.

In one simple, affordable resource you'll find:

  • 18 tips to navigate the farmer's market and get the most for your dollar
  • Where to find the best wholesale prices or organic food coupons
  • 8+ ways to get organic food ABSOLUTELY FREE

Making Organic Food Affordable is not a bunch of hype. And I'm not promising it won't take some time, energy, or patience on your part, especially if you want to eat organic for free.

But it IS possible and I'd love to show you how to make organic food affordable in your own home.

Want some hard numbers?

While traveling the country full-time, our family was only able to utilize only about 1/3 of the techniques found in this ebook, and we still only spent $100-150 a week eating only organic, gluten-free foods. That's less than the national average of consumers purchasing conventional foods.

"So, if you're not using all these techniques now, how do we know they work?" Because we have used them in the past, and we know several families that use these same ideas we're offering to feed a family of four or five for under $40 a week! And Making Organic Food Affordable will show you show.


Making Organic Food Affordable is exactly what I've been waiting for. Tara knows how to tell it like it is without beating around the bush and yet she delivers her message in such a way that excites and encourages. I was inspired by Tara to plan, prep and refine our everyday food purchases and choices immediately. It didn't overwhelm me like other foodie ebooks have, but rather, got me antsy to start today. Her savvy shopping tips are practical and easy to begin implementing. I love that she asks questions and makes you think about the why behind whole foods. Not only why she thinks it's beneficial to embrace them, but why YOU want to embrace them, what is YOUR reasoning. This ebook is changing my life, the way I see food and how I am feeding my kiddos.

~Heather Mattern


This rocks, sista! Love the emphasis on food as healthcare and practical tips on actually HOW to save money and make eating organic affordable. As a mama of three and feeding our family of five, food is our biggest expense. We will only buy organic and have now exclusively for the past six years, so know firsthand how much this can add up.

We have always believed that food is preventative healthcare and serves as our health insurance because of the vital necessity that everything we put into and on our bodies makes us who we are, if we are causing our bodies to be in "dis - ease" than we are likely to cause "disease" whereas if we are fueling our bodies with all the nutrients it needs, we are fueling our life and livelihoods.

We were actually able to cut our grocery bill in half per month by following this info. Yes, that's right by 50% and we only buy organic and Non-GMO and gluten and dairy-free.

Angela Malson, Mama to 3


Wow! I love this ebook because Tara has brilliantly compiled the most useful information about eating organically and practically in one easy to navigate reference!

Even though I am seasoned in the topic, I learned so much more about how to stop money and time leaks by reading her tips on cooking, growing, and shopping! Her insight and wisdom about organic foods, the healthy eating and healthcare correlation, and budget blocks breaks down the complexity of the subject into very digestible pieces that will enrich the seasoned green living person, someone that is brand new in the world of conscious eating and living, and everyone in between. The tremendous summaries about subsidies, rethinking waste, getting comfortable at farmers markets, and integrating better values with meat and eggs in your lifestyle are helpful and the book is scattered with charts and questions that take you simply from intention to conception with your own customized organic eating plan. With her classic organizational style and humor, Tara and the Sustainable Baby Steps team really nailed this one beautifully.

Rachel Sayers
Author/Speaker/Teacher and Mama to 5


Organic foods can be prohibitively expensive to eat on a regular basis. In her e-book, Making Organic Food Affordable, Tara provides a holistic view of why and how you can implement organic and whole foods into your diet on just about any budget.

Her workbook-style approach helped me identify ways to reallocate expenses so that I can afford to purchase more organically grown fruits and vegetables. In addition, she also points out places to buy and methods to use to reduce the cost even further. If you are serious about increasing your health, Tara will help guide your way.

Lisa Bishop


I used to think that shopping and eating organic on a budget was all but lost. Our life is so busy I was sure we were destined for frozen pizzas and pre-packaged "quick" meals forever. Shopping at the high priced organic markets for all of our food needs is just not realistic for us. Tara and Justin's book was such a deep breath of fresh air for our family. "Making Organic Food Affordable" offers simple and practical steps toward a healthy, organic way of eating and shopping without draining your bank account.

This book has given me tools to ensure that I'm no longer trapped with pre-packaged veggies and drive through hamburgers and chicken nuggets. There is a much better option, and it is completely attainable. You don't have to live on acres of farmland or have a lot of expendable time to follow the simple steps they have given to eating and shopping organic. These are simple steps that anyone can follow. This isn't just a "how-to", but also a great workbook to help you figure out what you can do realistically to make the steps to being a healthier individual or family without spending a fortune.

Tara and Justin not only share practical and realistic ways to save you money on organic food, but they also give a wealth of information on the differences between organic food and the "rest" of it - why it's better, how it's better and how it affects our lives in ways we may not think about. Since reading the book and following many of the steps, we have been able to afford to pack organic food for lunches instead of deli meat and chips. We have been able to have great meals that we could feel good about eating without worrying about our wallets. The tools that this book offers are valuable, practical and easy to use. If you're on a budget and just want to feed your family healthy sustenance without breaking the bank, "Making Organic Food Affordable" would surely help you get there!

Cammie Delph, mama and SBS reader

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is this process to follow?
We've created it in such a way to cut down overwhelm and make it easy to follow. We offer the steps you can take (as well as how to define your own steps based on your own needs), and provide countless resources for more.

I don't have a lot of time; can I still use these strategies?
Yes! You will find that the more time you can create in the beginning the better, but you'll also find that many of the strategies take no extra time at all. We even have an entire section on how to SAVE you time, since being busy is often the killer of keeping our organic food costs (or any food costs, for that matter) low.

Do I have to grow my own food to make organic food affordable? Is this a big book of gardening ideas?
Nope and nope. In fact, I wrote this for an urban or suburban dweller, and only included about 2 pages on things you can grow from a patio. The rest of this book is a smorgasbord of ideas that do NOT require a green thumb.

Are there shipping costs?
Nope. This is an e-book. Once you place your order, you'll receive a link to download Making Organic Food Affordable in your email inbox. You can then save it to your computer or print it out if you prefer.

How is payment made?
Payment is made securely through Paypal. You don't share any of your bank or credit card info with us; we never see any of it. Paypal communicates solely with our automated system to tell us payment has been made, so our system can send you your copy of Making Organic Food Affordable.

I don't have a Paypal account. How can I pay?
You don't need a Paypal account to use Paypal. Just follow the prompts to let Paypal know you don't have an account and they will process your purchase without even needing to create one using your debit or credit card. It's still secure without any extra work on your part.

Do you offer any guarantees?
It's pretty hard to guarantee exactly what you'll save, since I don't know where you live, what's available to you, and what you're willing to commit to. But I CAN guarantee that if you follow even half of the steps in this ebook you will save a MINIMUM of 15% on your grocery bill. Some of them take a little time and patience to work your way down to a Zero Bill, but I promise it's possible if you are willing to put in the work outlined in Making Organic Food Affordable.

If I don't want to put in a lot of extra work, will this still work?
If you put in any work at all, following any of the steps at all, you will save something. But if you want to work your way toward saving 100% on your bill, it's going to require your investment of time and energy.

Do I need to follow a certain diet to get the most out of this?
Nope. You can eat meat or not, eat grains or dairy or not, be vegetarian or vegan or paleo/primal and you'll still find that most of the steps in Making Organic Food Affordable are going to help you cut your organic food costs by at least 15% within the first month.

Does this offer meal plans too?
There are many ideas for meal planning in the ebook, but all our meal plans are actually offered over here, and we're working on an extreme budget meal plan now.

How do I order my own copy?
Click the link below, and make your order through e-junkie. Then watch your inbox (and check spam too, just in case) for our download to come to you!

Ready to Cut Your Organic Food Costs?

We're very proud to offer Making Organic Food Affordable as a low-cost resource to you.

Just following ONE of the nearly 100 strategies in this ebook can pay for the investment of the book itself within a week.

Again, just in case you missed it:

  • 15 chapters chocked full of budget-cutting resources
  • 50 pages of simple steps you can take to cut your bill by at least 25% within a month
  • What you can do to drop your bill by at least 15% in the next week
  • Resources, ideas, tips, hacks, and strategies all in one easy-to-access place and instantly downloadable

The price for all that? Just $18.

Yup, 18 bucks...that you will easily get back on your next grocery trip.

Save yourself the time, hassle, and frustration of trial and error and go with the hard-earned experience of someone who has already done it.

Ready to start cutting your organic food costs? Yeehaw!

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