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62+ Benefits and Uses for the
Essential Oil of Peppermint

While the aroma of peppermint essential oil (Mentha piperita) may be synonymous in some minds with the candy, it's a lot more than flavoring. The essential oil of peppermint has been used for centuries for digestive problems, sinus and respiration and more. The oil is created by steam distilling the leaves, stems and flower buds, and the aroma of a quality brand can be very sweet, and obviously minty, in nature.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the health topics presented on Sustainable Baby Steps have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. They should not replace personal judgment nor medical treatment when indicated, nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always talk to your naturopathic physician about the use of these or any other complimentary modalities. Reading this website denotes your understanding and agreement to our full disclaimer.

According to Modern Essentials, the properties within a quality brand of peppermint include:

  • Analgesic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anticarcinogenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Antiviral
  • Invigorating

It's most often used to support the digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems, as well as muscular and joint health. It's very cooling to the skin, which may be too tingling for sensitive skin or children. And whatever you do, don't get it near your eyes. Not fun. (I have many times made the mistake of touching my face too soon after touching peppermint oil. Some of us are slow learners.)

Emotionally and spiritually, the essential oil of peppermint is uplifting and rejuvenating to the heart and mind. It helps a person rise above stress, pain, sadness, or fear, and regain the sense of zest and joy for Life and their role in it.

In this way it may be good for someone experiencing grief, hopelessness, and even pessimism, or even help a person digest the happenings of their life with trust and understanding both in their ability to manage what comes their way, as well as for the process of Life itself. If you tend to experience stress in your digestive system (like "knots in your stomach" perhaps), this can be a good one to use.


The information provided here on the properties and uses of essential oils do NOT apply to all essential oil brands. Because of lenient industry standards and a lack of regulation on terms such as "natural" or "pure", much of what you find at the drug store is not a therapeutic grade of essential oil and may lack real quality or even contain contaminants.

A LOT goes into creating a high quality essential oil. The best essential oil brands follow these guidelines:

  • Proper plant varieties
  • Grown indigenously for the healthiest plant
  • Grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc
  • Harvested with precise timing to ensure peak properties
  • Extracted with proper temp and pressure to preserve oil molecules
  • Third-party testing of each and every batch
  • Stand behind the internal use of their oils

Learn what to look for in safe, effective essential oils here.

How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil

Traditionally, the essential oil of peppermint uses these application guidelines. Click the banner to understand what each symbol means and to learn how each is used safely and effectively:

How to use essential oils!
Adults Children/Sensitive Pregnancy

Precautions: Be aware that peppermint can affect the eyes even when the oil is near but not in the eye. Use with caution if you're pregnant or nursing as oil of peppermint can decrease lactation (if this occurs try fennel essential oil to increase). Always test for skin sensitivity prior to widespread use and use on the feet when possible. Excessive use of any oil can lead to skin sensitization. Keep out of eyes, ears, or nose. Not all oils are created equal, so test brands carefully, and never use an oil in a way not recommended by its maker.

Click this link for more application guidance and precautions.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the health topics presented on Sustainable Baby Steps have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. They should not replace personal judgment nor medical treatment when indicated, nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always talk to your naturopathic physician about the use of these or any other complimentary modalities. Reading this website denotes your understanding and agreement to our full disclaimer.

Suggested and Possible Peppermint Oil Uses

The following are potential uses found in or on Modern Essentials, Aromatic Science, PubMed.gov, as well as through anecdotal experience and other resources. Use them to inspire your own ideas, experiment, and see what works for you.

Use the essential oil of peppermint to wake up your senses first thing in the morning, or during the mid-day slump by using it aromatically or topically. It's a BIG time pick-me-up. You can also mix it with a drop of Wild Orange and Frankincense in your hands to create an "energy bomb"!

Great for immunity, you can use it aromatically, topically or probably best yet, find empty capsules, add one drop of peppermint and create your own peppermint oil capsules. Or add a drop to a large glass of water.

May help open the airways when used aromatically or by rubbing a single drop onto the chest. This is why it's often in respiratory blends.

Some parents have found it helps autistic kids balance strong emotions and increase positive feelings when used topically. Dilute one drop in 1-2 TB of coconut oil and dab a little on the chest each day. Avoid getting anywhere near the eyes.

Bacterial Infections
May help fight off infections when applied over the infection. I would probably dilute first.

Bell's Palsy
Peppermint may be supportive and regenerative of the nervous system when used topically and aromatically.

Brain Injury
Because of the links of essential oil of peppermint to the nervous system, it's also thought to be helpful with brain injuries when diffused or used topically.

Chronic Fatigue
Peppermint is uplifting and invigorating, and will aid in increasing energy levels and alertness. Diffuse through the room or apply to the soles of the feet with socks (mostly because it'll make your feet cold).

Cold Sores
Because of its antiviral properties, essential oil of peppermint can be dabbed directly onto a cold sore. Only a small amount is needed!

Common Polyps
Use topically (which will allow the oil to be absorbed into the blood stream faster) or take internally, such as in empty veggies capsules.

It's incredible at clearing the sinuses and breaking up phlegm. Inhale from the bottle, diffuse through the room, use topically or even gargle in warm salty water for sinus drainage causing congestion in the throat.

Dilute 1 drop of peppermint in a small dollop of carrier oil and massage the abdomen in a slow, clockwise motion. Coriander oil is also great for this.

Cooling to the body
Rub a small drop or dilute it in oil, or even a small spritz bottle to cool the body down during hot weather. Avoid close proximity with the eyes though!

Massage the oil into the muscle with or without a carrier oil, depending on your own skin sensitivity.

Crohn's Disease
Essential oil of peppermint is incredible for all things digestive, including serious diseases. Take this oil internally, such as adding a drop to your water throughout the day, or massage into the abdomen for faster absorption to your blood stream.

More peppermint oil uses for the digestive system include taking it internally or applying it topically to the abdomen in a counterclockwise direction to soothe the digestive system and help fight any infection with its anti-everything properties.

Dysmenorrhea (Pain during menstruation)
Gently massage oil of peppermint over areas of pain.

Because peppermint oil is great for invigoration, using it aromatically may also increase endurance, alertness and increased body (and thus body) function.

Peppermint may help revive anyone who has fainted with its (eye-wateringly) strong aroma. Just hold the bottle under your nose and you'll see why.

Because of its antiviral, antibacterial, and other properties, using this oil aromatically and internally is beneficial. The cooling affect it has may also help keep the fever from climbing too high.

Antiviral and antibacterial, its good for the immune system and can be used any way you'd like. Topical is probably the most preferred.

Gamma Radiation Exposure
No joke. Research published in 2004 by the Journal of Radiation Research found that it was possible to reverse the declines of critical antioxidants and enzymes in the liver and reduced oxidation in the tissues with peppermint essential oil. Uses include topically and internally. (And I have the strong urge to reference Hulk here, but I'll refrain.)

Peppermint oil uses are best known for their soothing the digestive tracts and can be used topically and internally for gastritis. Ginger essential oil might also be helpful here.

The best way to use peppermint here is by adding a drop to your toothbrush, using in a mouthwash recipe, or digesting a drop in a glass of water.

Peppermint oil seems to increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels. Use just a tiny dab over the source of the pain, being careful to avoid the eyes, or use aromatically through the room with a diffuser. Mix with Lavender and Frankincense for added support.

Although oil of peppermint can be taken internally, it's generally suggested to use it topically for heartburn by rubbing it into the chest.

Rub topically on the back of the neck (along with other heatstroke recommendations) as soon as heatstroke may be a concern.

Hernia (Hiatal)
Use 1-2 drops of oil topically over the site of any hernia.

Herpes Simplex
Apply topically (diluting according to your own sensitivity) to any outbreaks for the antiviral effects.

Can decrease itching when applied topically to the site. I recommend diluting 1 drop of oil in 1 tsp of coconut oil to soothe the skin.

Hot Flashes
Peppermint oil uses include a wonderful cooling affect. Use topically or adding to a spritz bottle, avoiding contact with eyes. I've heard good things about mixing it with a balancing blend.

Huntington's Disease
Peppermint oil is supportive and may be regenerative to the nervous system. Diffuse aromatically or use topically and regularly.

Try 1-2 drops of essential oil of peppermint over the thyroid daily.

Soothe the digestive system by taking essential oil of peppermint internally, massaging into reflex points and over abdomen in a clockwise direction, or diffusing in the air.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
It's suggested to add 1 drop of oil to each glass of water you drink throughout the day. You may also massage it into reflex points or over the stomach.

Peppermint oil uses include soothing itching skin wit its cooling effect. I'd recommend diluting a few drops in a small amount of coconut oil and gently massaging it into the affected areas.

Jet Lag
Rub into the soles of your feet for invigoration and grounding. (Might make your feet cold, fyi.)

Lactation (Decreasing Milk Supply)
Massage a small diluted amount into the breast 1-2 times a day, or take internally.

Essential oil of peppermint is mental stimulating. Diffuse while you're studying or working on stressful projects to increase mental processes.

Massaging a small amount over the areas of pain can increase blood flow and relieve pain with its analgesic properties. You can also diffuse it through the room if the aroma is too strong otherwise. Also look into headaches blends to try.

Motion Sickness
Add a drop to car seats or on a small cloth to rest on the dashboard for driving. Add a drop to shirt collars or hankies for boats, planes, etc. Ginger essential oil is also really good for this.

This staph infection is known to not respond to antibiotics, but applied topically peppermint oil's antibacterial properties can help. I'd also look at the research done on Oregano oil and MRSA.

Multiple Sclerosis
Try massaging 1-2 diluted drops into the area daily or as desired.

Muscle Aches
Massage essential oil of peppermint into aching muscles for a cooling, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving effect.

Myelin Sheath
Massage 1-2 drops into the area each day, or even a few times a day. I'd also consider layering with Frankincense or a cellular complex blend.

Use in the same manner described above for motion sickness.

Massage 1-2 drops into the areas of concern for relief of pain and inflammation.

Gently massage 1-2 drops topically, and or use aromatically to support the nervous system.

Decrease inflammation, clear the sinuses, open airways and and soothe irritation by inhaling oil of peppermint or massaging a very small amount around the sinuses, careful to avoid the eyes.

Relieve itching and promote healing by gently massaging several drops of diluted peppermint oil into the affected area.

Massage the oil over the hips, starting from the center of the sacrum and moving outward. Consider layering with a pain-relieving blend, or Lemongrass.

Sense of Smell (Loss)
Peppermint is incredibly invigorating to the senses. Inhale directly from the bottle, or diffuse through the room.

Wakes up the senses like whoa. Diffuse or inhale directly or massage into the chest, shoulders, and neck.

Inhale directly, or massage a very small, diluted amount over the sinuses. It can make the eyes water, so use caution.

Surgical Wounds
Dilute with water and spritz over wounds as they heal to prevent infection and soothe any itching.

Swollen Eyes
Consider a steam tent, or a highly diluted drop on the temples. Do not get it IN your eye, and remember that it can make your eyes water. A lot.

Tennis Elbow
Massage essential oil of peppermint into the tendons around the elbow to decrease inflammation and relieve pain. Also try White Fir for this one.

Throat Infection
You can diffuse, but the most potent peppermint oil uses include massaging a drop into the throat and chest, gargling with warm salt water, and adding a drop to each glass of water throughout the day.

Drop 1 drop on the tick and wait a few minutes. The tick will either back out or fall off easily. Use Lavender essential oil on the tick bite to fight infection. (There is some debate as to whether this causes the tick to "spit" its toxins in your skin, so consider it carefully.)

Diffuse aromatically, use in homemade cleaning solutions, massage it into feet, and consume in water or peppermint oil capsules to help your body fight infection.

Ulcer (Gastric)
This has been one of my husband's favorite of peppermint oil uses. He religiously adds a drop to his water and has found great relief. It can also be massaged into the stomach to be quickly absorbed into the blood stream.

Varicose Veins
Very gently massage peppermint oil with Lemon, Lemongrass, and Cypress starting from the lower legs and working up (always toward the heart) 1-2 times a day.

Take oil of peppermint internally with water or honey, or diffuse or inhale if it can't be held down.

Other possible peppermint oil uses include: soothing colic, freshening breath, easing gas, and all manner of digestive problems, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, menstrual irregularity, depression, anger, physical or mental fatigue, food poisoning, hysteria, liver problems, nervous system conditions, elevating senses, toothaches, tuberculosis, poison ivy/oak and cooking.

High quality brands of peppermint oil include internal uses such as: Candy making, baking, homemade toothpaste or mouthwash, a natural water, juice or tea flavoring. I've been wanting to try a homemade lemon or limeade with a drop of oil of peppermint. It sounds so refreshing for hot summer months! We love it added to hot chocolate or brownies, or mixed with melted white chocolate and poured over popcorn (THAT stuff is the devil!).

In addition to essential oil of peppermint, also consider trying Spearmint, a massage blend, Wild Orange (for stress or uplifting), Wintergreen, a digestive blend, or check out other essential oils here.

IMPORTANT INFO: Due to government regulations, I can either share information on health and wellness, or share my favorite companies to buy from. I am not allowed to do both, despite my constitutional rights. Therefore, I apologize, but I cannot make product recommendations on where to buy essential oils. Please do not share your own product recommendations in the comments of this article as these too can end our access to information, and so I'll have to delete them.

Also, please remember to get involved in your local, state, and national government elections, and vote, not just at the ballot, but with your dollar and your voice to change regulations that limit a consumers right to information.

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