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Nature Mandala Activity for Earth Day

by Lisa Igo
(Burton Latimer, England)

Nature Mandala by Igo Eco Arts

Nature Mandala by Igo Eco Arts

Ok, so this is a Earth Day activity that could include a walk and eco art in one, and is something the whole family can take part in.

A Nature Mandala uses natural objects like fallen leaves and twigs to form patterns.

Important: Please do not pick wild flowers and check your Plant Guide to see if the leaves and berries you find are safe to handle!

You'll need:

- a map,
- good sturdy boots or shoe,
- a plant guide,
- and a camera to capture your Mandala.

Find natural objects and gather these together. Start by placing an interesting object like a pine cone on the floor for the centre. Work out from this making patterns.

Be sure to photograph your Nature Mandala.

And why not try a Nature Mandala for each season, revisiting the same walk and recording through photography.

Maybe look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and other inspirational eco artists.

This is an activity from Igo Eco Arts Nov 2010

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