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Films and Documentaries on Major Environmental Issues

Films and Documentaries on Major Environmental Movies, via SustainableBabySteps.com

Some of us are visual learners. (Me!) Reading about the major environmental issues just isn't the same as seeing and learning about it through an environmental documentaries or even portrayed through movies.

Below I've attempted to organize these documentaries by category, but some of them span more than a single subject.

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Documentaries on our Food Systems

Perhaps one of the biggest issues, the way we grow, raise and eat our food is definitely one of the first problems to address. Our current food system is not only extremely unhealthy for our natural bodies, it's constant inputs and land degradation is not going to be sustainable for much longer.

These environmental DVDs discuss the issues in depth and provide a much more dynamic way of understanding through their visually striking images. A few of them may not be geared exactly toward addressing the issues of these practices but are informative and important nonetheless.

food inc dvd
king corn dvd
future of food dvd
supersize me dvd

Major Environmental Issues

These environmental DVDs cover the issues surrounding environmental degradation, climate change, the impact on our health, the impact on other animals and creatures, and other issues.

They offer everything from personal journeys to scientific theory and weave an interesting tapestry of fact and speculation. While some can be fear-mongering, most attempt to leave you with a feeling of hope and motivaion for what can be done.

no impact man dvd
tapped dvd
dirt the movie dvd
fuel dvd
who killed the electric car dvd
an inconvenient truth dvd
the 11th hour dvd
planet in peril dvd
human footprint dvd
trashed dvd
blue gold dvd
the cove dvd

Movies About Peak Oil

Peak oil is the theory of diminishing access to oil and the adverse affects on our environment and society. Proponents tend to discuss the issues around drilling and degradation, as well as social impacts of "running out."

These environmental DVDs take a deeper look at the issues surrounding crude oil and our excessive use of it. You can find a short overview of what peak oil is in this article.

end of suburbia dvd
crude awakening dvd
crude impact dvd
power of community dvd

Environmental Fiction

More for entertainment than information, these movies cover environmental issues with speculative, engaging, or humorous story-telling.

Keep in mind when watching the doomsday films that in Hollywood fear, danger and disaster is what sells. These movies are hardly motivational, and hardly realistic, but can be fun and thought-provoking anyway.

fast food nation dvd
hoot dvd
the day after tomorrow dvd
wall-e dvd
soylent green dvd
the happening dvd

What's your favorite film or documentary on major environmental issues? Share in the comments below!

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