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Submitting Your Eco-Guest Posts

Sustainable Baby Steps (SBS) is an online website offering well-written, well-researched reference articles that inform consumers, educate readers, and inspire individuals to take green steps of any size.

It's NOT a blog and so I'm not looking for filler posts, or fluff, or rehashed blah-blah-blah. And we've got the "Top 5 Green Tips" covered, thanks. I'm looking for REAL people with a REAL message, not a promotional writer who is trying to build backlinks to their clients' site.

(Note: This is the page for submitting articles to Sustainable Baby Steps. If you're interested in SBS offering an article on YOUR site, please visit this page for more info.)

Below are the guidelines for acceptable guest articles. Please read them carefully before contacting me:

  • Your post must be 100% original content. This means absolutely NO content farming or rewording an existing article to "look new". I do careful searches of all submitted articles to ensure original content and will not accept anything that has been copied, rehashed, or otherwise used online.
  • You agree to relinquish all rights and may NOT publish your guest post elsewhere on the web. You may, however, quote portions of the article while including a link back to the article. You may also use the article in email newsletters, including a link back to our site.
  • SBS reserves all rights to edit your article, possibly changing the structure, keywords, grammar, or omitting or adding sections to match the flow, voice, and message of our site.
  • Photos and videos are greatly appreciated and must be yours or have a Creative Commons license. Making them social media-friendly is a serious plus; if you submit photos that are not I may do that myself to better promote your article. Videos should be your own and not affiliated to any other website.
  • SBS reserves the right to deny any article submitted at any time without any explanation.
  • SBS reserves the right to place advertising on your guest article. This advertising may be of any kind and be within the article or on the sidebars of your article and is done without compensation to you, the author.
  • Attribution may be given in two forms. Your post may include a byline with your name at the top of your article, and a short 2-3 line bio added to the bottom of the article. Only one link may be included within either the byline or the bottom bio. You may also submit your article anonymously. SBS reserves the right to remove links to any website for any reason.
  • Links require our approval. In order to maintain the integrity of the site, all links within the body of the post must be relevant to the post and in alignment with sustainability, and I reserve the right to remove or change any link (even author bio links) as I see fit.
  • SBS reserves the right to add to or change these guidelines at any time and without notice.

I am currently accepting guest articles on the following topics.

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