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Green Valentine's Gift Ideas:
Romantic Ways To Save The Earth

How to create an eco-friendly Valentine's, via SustainableBabySteps.com

For your eco-friendly sweetcheeks, coming up with green Valentine gift ideas is the only way to celebrate.

(Because whether you think of Valentine's Day as a day to express our love for partners, friends and family, or a holiday created by Hallmark to boost obligatory sales, it's here and it's impact is big.)

With an estimated 1 billion Valentine's Day cards sent worldwide, 36 million boxes of chocolates and countless pesticide-sprayed flowers given each year, it's important to find a better way.

Your Green Valentine Gift Ideas:

Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame. - Henry David Thoreau

  • Skip the card:
    Standing in the grocery store for 20 minutes doesn't show anyone you love them. Instead opt for a hand-written letter or poem on recycled paper. Or better yet, create a long list of all the things you love about the person. Everyone from your children to your friends, parents and partners will appreciate the extra thought and personal touch much more. Just DON'T do an e-card or an email; it won't win any brownie points.
  • Homemade Kid's Cards:
    If your kids are obligated to give a Valentine's Day card to every child in their classroom, help them make their own out of recycled paper. They can even include on the card one genuine thing they like about the person.
  • Homemade valentines cards
  • When choosing flowers:
    For your flower delivery, choose potted plants and organic or local whenever possible. Or spend the extra time on origami roses, because nothing says love like frustrating yourself over a small piece of paper for that special someone.
  • Do. Not. Buy. Perfume.
    Giving your sweet thang a carcinogenic odor to cover their own sends an iffy message, if you ask me. Try to find an essential oil that reminds you of them or some other all-natural fragrance.
  • For the chocolate lover:
    Okay, okay. Chocolate is probably a must for a lot of women. So, how about fair-trade and organic chocolate? Or maybe a romantic night making fudge together is the perfect Green Valentine gift idea?
  • Instead of a restaurant:
    A homemade, homegrown, local and/or organic meal is a great (and more affordable) alternative to eating out. Organic wine is an easy find. Using beeswax candles will add the romantic touch without breathing the fumes.
  • Something unique:
    Plant a tree together to symbolize your relationship's strength and endurance. Place a list (on compostable paper of course) of all the things you love about each other under its roots.
  • The perfect Valentine gift idea:
    If you're looking for a gift, search vintage. Antique jewelry, or some other retro gift will have more meaning and history without using any new resources. If you're crafty enough, try a homemade gift - a knit scarf, a tye-dye shirt, a piece of art, etc. Check out these green gift giving tips for more ideas.

You get the idea: Just keep "green" in mind when surrounded by all that red.

It's Sexy Being Green!

Now that we've gotten all the basics out of the way, how about some truly (ahem) romantic ways to go green?

  • In the summertime, sleep naked and wear less clothes around the house. You'll stay cooler as long as you can both keep your hands to yourself.
  • In the wintertime, sleep cuddled close together to share body warmth. You can also hang curtains around the bed to trap any body heat and create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Shower together. You'll use up to half the water as taking two separate showers. Just, uh, don't get carried away in there or this tip will be useless.
  • Strip. Weather-strip that is. (Sorry. I couldn't help myself.)

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