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In my years of green living, I've found the simplest, easiest way to help others "go green" is through introducing them to the many uses of essential oils. Want to learn more about how I do that?

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Going Green Books

The Best Green Living Books

Going green books are becoming abundant. From the political manifestos to the nitty-gritty how-to books on green living, it's hard to know what is worth the time to read.

Some books are worth buying, others are best found at the library or borrowed from a friend, and frankly, some aren't worth the time it takes to read them (I've tried to avoid even listing those, but hey, different strokes, right?). With any book review, I try to advise whether the book should have a permanent place on your bookshelf. But with any books, I'd still suggest borrowing a copy first before you buy. We are trying to reduce waste, right?

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. - James Bryce

Extra bonus...these are affiliate links, meaning anything you purchase from these links (even if it's something other than the book) will support the growth and continuation of our site. So, thank you!

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Green Living E-Books

This is our growing collection of e-books that we are offering here at SBS!

Green Living How-To Books

Find many more how-to green living books here.

Personal Green Living Memoirs

These going green books give you a look inside the lives of the author's on their journey toward sustainable living. They are not only informative; they are inspirational and often pretty hilarious!

Farming and Food Culture

Learn more about the dangers of modern farming, the history of our food culture and the sustainable alternatives within these going green books.

Organic Gardening Books

These books cover the nitty-gritty details behind organic gardening in your own backyard. They expand on the information found within Organic Gardening 101.

Find more organic gardening books here.

Composting Books

Composting is probably one of the most important keys to organic gardening and certainly important for eliminating landfill and using our resources wisely. The following green living books will give you everything you need to know on this important subject.

Find all composting books here.

Permaculture Books

Although the principles behind permaculture can easily be explained, the information regarding its practice can be overwhelming. These permaculture books are all wonderful resources to teach you more about truly sustainable living and gardening.

Greywater Books

This is a BIG topic with a lot to cover. But with residential water waste accounting for 60% of home water usage, it's an important topic to be dealt with on a small and large scale.

Find all greywater recycling books here.

Homesteading Books

Homesteading and urban homesteading - the practice of self-sufficient living within a suburban or city area - covers a gamut of topics, from growing your own food to beekeeping, animal husbandry and sewing. Here is a sampling of books to get you started.

Find more homesteading books here.

Green Holiday Books

Going green throughout the holidays can seem impossible, until you get your hands on these great books.

Find more green Christmas and holiday ideas here.

Peak Oil Books

Peak oil is the theory of diminishing oil reserves. It's a huge topic but not one that should be ignored.

Find all peak oil books here.

Other Going Green Books

And for everything else, this category of going green books offers a wide range of hard-to-define topics.

Again, these are affiliate links, meaning anything you purchase from these links (even if it's something not linked to) will support the growth and continuation of our site. So, thank you for your support! You're what keeps this website alive and growing!

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