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Ford Focus EV Ramps Up Its Hybrid Tech To Beat Toyota

Ford Focus EV

It's the age of new technology and finding new ways to use energy sources that are money saving, convenient and better for the environment. People are trading in their gas-only vehicles for more sensible hybrid electric vehicles. Currently, the hottest hybrid on the market is the Ford Focus EV (Electric Vehicle).

For 2013, Ford Motors is adding more hybrid vehicles and making the newest technology available to compete with their long time competition - the Toyota Prius.

Ford Focus EV vs. Toyota's Prius

Although behind Toyota in terms of popularity, Ford's hybrid technology is becoming more advanced. For example, Ford's new transmission is double-sided: On one side of the aluminum palette, the transmission is a conventional six-speed automatic; On the other side, it's a hybrid version. By building its parts in-house, Ford is able to shave nearly 20 percent of the cost of materials, which can save the buyer money when needing to replace parts. If a part breaks down in a Toyota, you will pay more to have it replaced because the product is foreign.

Ford's exodus from diesel or gasoline-only vehicles has been a positive move for people who favor purchasing domestic vehicles over foreign models. Ford now has the technology to manufacture and test the products used to make hybrid cars. Many Prius owners are probably wishing they waited for a better deal. If you are considering a fuel-efficient vehicle, think about visiting a car dealership to try out a Ford EV. Do the research and find out if an alternative-fuel car is your best financial option.

Why Go Hybrid?

Save Money

For many, the reasons for going hybrid is clear, but if you're unsure, take a moment and try to remember the last time, if ever, $20 filled your tank. Maybe that much would get you less than half a tank in a fairly new car. A full tank at the gas pump today can be more than $40, possibly $60, depending on the size of the vehicle. Hybrid cars are fueled by an electric charge and gasoline. You can fill your tank halfway and then charge your car and get a full tank's worth of energy for half the price.

Save the Environment

Even if you have an inexhaustible excess of funds and money is no object (you do?), then at least consider the environment. Drilling for oil, along with gasoline emissions, has caused an alarming amount of environmental destruction. Even if some say burning fuel does not add to the hole in the ozone and global warming doesn't exist, it's better to not contribute to the greenhouse effect, regardless.

Ford Focus EV Making Waves

Ford is not shy about letting the auto-manufacturing world know they are taking hybrid technology to the next level and improving fuel economy. The company is open to new technology and "not wed to any one specific technology," says Kevin Layden, head of electrification programs and engineering. Being open to change and experimentation is good when it comes to new technology.

Annabella Clavette is a Chicago-based freelance writer and editor. She specializes in auto mechanics and the technology industry.

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