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Farewell My Subaru, by Doug Fine: A Review

Farewell My Suburu by Doug Fine

Farewell, My Subaru is an easy read about one man's journey to sustainability.

Doug Fine tells the story of his move to a remote ranch in New Mexico, his solar plights and triumphs and his veggie oil conversion. Humorous and candid, the book was fun to read. Although peppered with interesting eco-facts, it was much more a personal memoir than an educational manual.

From the inside cover,

Like many Americans, Doug Fine enjoys his creature comforts, but he also knows full well that they keep him addicted to oil. So he wonders: Is it possible to keep his Netflix and his car, his Wi-Fi and his sub-woofers and still reduce his carbon footprint?

Although I enjoyed all of Farewell, My Suburu, the best part was the Afterword, in which Fine details what he feels are the five (or six) most important conclusions he's come to and urges of his readers. It read like a mini-Manifesto and is laced with great suggestions for demanding change of the people we keep in business.

This book is probably not a book for anyone wishing to learn more, nor is it likely to be a keeper, but if you're looking for a light read or a bit of inspiration from the library, you might enjoy Farewell, My Subaru by Doug Fine.

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