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Top Environmental Health Issues and Other Dangers

The Dangers of Environmental Health Issues (like pesticides, bad ingredients and more), via SustainableBabySteps.com

Knowledge equals empowerment. Understanding the environmental health issues and potential dangers of our most common, conventional practices helps us to make better choices for our health and the health of the environment.

Our health has never been in worse condition than it is right now. While we've made great strides in terms of things like sanitation and sick care, we've made some advances that are putting us in serious danger. Things like cancer, asthma, autism, birth defects, and so many more diseases are on the increase. And instead of focusing on the cause, we're all focusing our attention on finding "cures".

Well folks, prevention is still the best cure. And through changing our current toxic lifestyle can we quickly change our current situation.

That being said, let's not be naive. Environmental health issues are a serious problem with no quick solution. It's going to take a lot radical changes, both grassroots and in policies, and it will definitely be met with a lot of resistence. After all, there are some pretty powerful lobbyists behind the very things that are poisoning us. But the following articles will show you just how important it is to correct these environmental health issues in your own life before they continue to grow. Our choices are our loudest vote.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

- Albert Einstein

These articles may feel overwhelming or downright scary. It's not my intention to promote fear or fear-based actions. It's my intention to offer you the knowledge to empower or explain your choices.

If these articles are too much to take in, skip ahead, and just start taking baby steps instead. Regardless of whether you have this info memorized, the answer is still the same: Live greener. Pretty simple, eh?

Nuclear Energy

Environmental Health Issues: Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

Though there have been many scientific advances in this field, the disadvantages of nuclear energy still overwhelm the topic, as we still do not have a safe way to dispose of radioactive material, a problem that grows larger as we continue to create more and more waste. This article discusses the top concerns we've faced and will face for centuries to come.

Read More: The Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy


Environmental Health Issues: Dangers of pesticides

The dangers of pesticides simply cannot be overstated. Countless studies have been done to link pesticides to diseases and developmental issues. Many common pesticides have been banned in other countries. And yet they're still used and overused daily in the US and other countries.

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Environmental Health Issues: Dangers of Herbicides

Herbicides are an often overlooked and understudied issue. Despite that, they have not only been shown to have serious effects on our nervous, endocrine and immune systems, the negative impact has also shown to increase when mixed with other chemicals, such as pesticides.

Read More: Herbicide Toxicity and Natural Alternatives


Environmental Health Issues: Dangers of Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers may seem an innocuous or minor issue. Depending on what you've read, you may even think they're a good thing. But chemical fertilizers pose a serious threat to our health and the health of the environment. Why settle for dangerous substances near our food when safer alternatives exist?

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Genetically Engineered Foods


Are GMOs safe? Are they tested? And why have over 60 countries banned them? Learn these answers and more, including what you can do to protect yourself against GMOs, and how you can make a difference in the Non-GMO movement within your own home.

Read More: The Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods

Dangers of Common Household Products

The top health concerns always seem to be about food, don't they? Make sense, since food is such a huge part of our life. But there are more dangers we should become aware of in and around our home. Below is a quick list to some of the most common products called into question.

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