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Earth Day Crafts for the Whole Family

Earth Day Crafts for the Whole Family (and Submit Your Own!)

Looking for some tried-and-true, fun or unique Earth Day crafts for your family to enjoy? Check out these ideas to get you started, and be sure to share your favorite family crafts below for others to enjoy!

Building a Pinecone Bird Feeder

Just like the photo above, you can build all-natural bird feeders with your family. This is a fun, interactive way to talk about the importance of caring for our Earth's creatures.

You'll need:

  • Open pinecones (like above)
  • All-natural nut or seed butter (I'd avoid peanut butter)
  • Birdseed
  • A spoon
  • A bowl
  • Twine

Fill your bowl with birdseed. Using the twine, tie a loop around the pinecone so that you can hang it securely. Then use the spoon, and coat the pinecone in nut/seed butter, working it into the crevices. You don't need a lot; you just need to make sure it STICKS. Roll this sticky pinecone in the bowl of birdseed. You can hang this from tree branches, patio hooks, or anywhere else.

Veggie Prints

This Earth Days crafts are a great way to talk about food, healthy eating, and even the benefits of composting!

You'll need:

  • Several old potatoes
  • 1 or more apples
  • The chopped off end of a bunch of celery
  • Paintbrushes

You can use old books, craft paper, or brown paper bags and non-toxic paint. Slice each potato in half and carve any design into that you want. The same can be done with the apple. The celery can be used to look like a flower. To minimize paint waste, use the paintbrushes to apply the paint to the veggies. Use these painted veggies to stamp your designs onto the paper. Embellish them with markers, stickers, paint, magazine clippings and more.

Want more Earth Day Crafts?

Scroll down below the form to find more crafts, and please consider submitting your own!

Share YOUR Earth Day Crafts!

Do you have some fun Earth Day crafts you can share with others? We'd love to share!

Please be sure to include as many details, resources, and photos as you can, and please place multiple activities in separate submissions so readers can easily find what they are looking for. After approval (usually 1-3 business days) you will see your submission below.

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Earth Day Crafts from the Whole Community

Click below to see the Earth Day crafts submitted from other readers. You can click each link to open it, comment, and even rate your favorite!

Plarn Octopus and Coral Reef 
I have been crocheting for many years, and have been crocheting with “plarn” for about two years. I normally make tote bags that can be used for grocery …

Soup Can Tab Earrings 
You will need: -2 soup can tabs -round nose pliers -jewelry file or even fingernail file -very sharp scissors or metal cutters -ball peen hammer …

Make Upcycled Birdhouses 
Your pinecone bird feeder reminded me we love making "upcycled birdhouses"! We've used old boots, scrap pieces of wood, coffee cans, old wicker baskets.... …

Rock Art Not rated yet
You will need: - Any small rocks, pebbles or stones (not much bigger than a quarter). - Wood glue - Anything to glue onto such as plywood, luan, …

Earth Day Feather Collector Not rated yet
Take a walk and look for feathers. You will need: - Feathers of any kind- turkey, seagull, blue jay, etc. - A piece of wood. Any kind- branch, …

Coffee Bag Gift Bows for an Earth Day Craft Not rated yet
These coffee bag gift bows are a unique way to reuse "waste". You need 2 foil lined coffee bags and a twist tie from one bag. Cut the bottom off the …

Jar Lid Bugs for an Earth Day Craft Not rated yet
Use all of your lids plastic or metal, paint them if needed. Some lids are already great colors. Add googley eyes and pipe cleaners for legs. I found this …

Earth Day Party For The Planet Not rated yet
Since Earth Day is also the anniversary for Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom, they host a Party For The Planet. Throughout the park adults and children …

Clothespin Magnets for an Earth Day Craft Not rated yet
You can make your own very cute magnets using recycled paper and old wooden clothespins. You'll need: - wood clothespins - recycle paper - newspaper, …

Click here to write your own.

Looking for More Earth Day Goodness?

Be sure to check out the Earth Day activities (you can submit your own ideas there, too), as well as the background and history behind Earth Day below.

Earth Day History, Crafts, and Activities for the Whole Family
Earth Day History, Crafts, and Activities for the Whole Family

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