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Dont throw away those paper towels!

by Andrea D.

After you wash your hands at a restaurant, hospital, school, etc and dry your hands with paper towels, DONT THROW THEM AWAY! They are clean! The water was wiped away from your clean hands! Instead take them home and use them around. I use them to clean the bathroom mirrors and any glass. For example: The bathroom mirror is dirty, so I spray some windex and wipe it with those used paper towels.

I also use them when we have an accident, like someone dropped an egg on the kitchen floor and it's a mess. Instead of grabbing napkins or the mop. I wipe the area with the old (and clean) paper towel, then spray windex on the area, wipe again and it's clean!

(What else can you think to do when you're forced to use paper towels? Share your ideas in the comments!)

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