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Cement Recovery

by Steve Thorpe
(Chemainus, Canada)

New portable light weight forms allow for the recovery of cement on the jobsite while producing a value added landscaping product.

As most are aware concrete is the most used building product on the planet, while being one of the heaviest and hardest to handle. People that order cement usually order more than is needed to complete their task as coming up short can be devastating to the pour, as well as the budget. This leads to the next problem, about five percent of the world’s annual production is hauled directly back to the plant as waste.

New lightweight reusable concrete block molds allow for the recovery of leftover cement on the job site while producing a value added product. In most cases the landscaping blocks produced on the site out of waste cement can be used on the same site during the final hardscaping portion of the project.

The new free draining interlocking landscaping blocks require minimal expertise and tools to lay, they never need cutting or compacted core filling, and no heavy equipment to handle them.

Blocks can be used for anything segmental landscaping blocks are currently being used for, as well as water defusing, ditch liners, and soil mats.

For any regular user of concrete, the new product can help develop more sustainable construction practices and get more out of the budget.

Popularity is also growing among the “Do It Yourselfer” as they can now make their own custom colored blocks or add monograms to the block face to make a truly easy to lay unique block for their hardscaping project while saving money.

Formablok molds are manufactured in Canada, sold online domestically and internationally at www.formablok.com

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