15 All-Natural, Antiviral Essential Oils

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Using antiviral essential oils is can be a great suport of the immune system. Although they are not a cure-all, using plants for wellness has been around for centuries, and alternative medicine has been perfecting it in the last century or so.

Although viruses are not "curable", antiviral oils can help your immune system as IT battles an infection or illness, helping your body do its natural job to move cold or flus out quickly or curbing them before they really settle in.

However, the antiviral properties aren't found in every oil.

It's easy to find poor quality essential oils in grocery stores, drugstores, even natural health stores. It's important that you're looking for essential oils that undergo rigorous testing for purity and are sourced only from their indigenous regions. If your essential oils aren't sourced from their natural home, you simply won't have as healthy a plant or as potent an oil, and if the quality is not there, you may have some unfortunate additives, fillers, or contaminants instead.


None of these health benefits, nor the ideas below, have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. They should not be used in place of personal judgment or medical treatment when needed, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. (Only your doctor can diagnose and treat disease. Only your lifestyle can prevent. Only your body can cure.) Read our full disclaimer.

15 Natural, Antiviral Essential Oils

Each of the following essential oils have been found to have antiviral properties to varying degrees. The oils marked with * are the most commonly known, widely used, and generally found to be strongest. Be sure to visit your doctor and use your own best judgment when using any alternative remedies.

Basil Essential Oil

Basil also has anti-infectious and antibacterial properties. It can be used topically (with or without dilution, depending on skin sensitivity) and can even be used in cooking or taken internally via capsules to fight systemic infections.
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Cassia Essential Oil

Cassia's other properties include antibacterial and antifungal. It must be diluted (1 drop of cassia to a minimum 4+ drops of carrier oil) and shouldn't be taken internally, but can be massaged into reflex points or over areas of concern.
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Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon has many properties, including antibacterial, anti-infectious (especially urinary and intestinal), antiseptic, and many more which aid and assist this and other antiviral essential oils. It is strong, so be sure to dilute it (1 drop of cinnamon to a minimum 3+ drops of carrier), but you can cook, bake or even make candy with it too.
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Clove Essential Oil*

This potent oil is one of the best antiviral essential oils, a strong antiseptic, as well as antifungal oil. Great for cleaning and diffusing, and is also antibacterial, disinfectant, and even shows antitumor properties. It can be used topically, diluted with 2 parts carrier oil, or taken internally with the right precautions.
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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is a natural insecticide, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory oil that can usually be applied without diluting. It's most known for respiratory health and works great when massaged over the chest and throat.
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Helichrysum Essential Oil

This interesting little oil is powerfully antiviral, as well as antibacterial, antispasmodic and more. It's one of my favorites for healing, can be used without dilution for most people, and is generally recognized as safe to consume when indicated.
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Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil is also an antioxidant, antiseptic, even shows anticancer properties. It's great for cleaning, can be taken internally, or used topically, although sensitive skin may want to dilute.
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Lime Essential Oil

This citrus oil is among antiviral essential oils, but is also antibacterial, antiseptic, and a tonic, and many other things. It can usually be used without diluting, depending on skin sensitivity, and can be taken internally, but like all citrus oils, it can cause sensitivity to the sun with topical use up to 12 hours prior, so I recommend using it before bed.
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Melaleuca Essential Oil*

Being one of the best antiviral essential oils, melaleuca is also widely known for its anti-everything properties: antifungal, antibacterial, anit-infectious, antiparasitic, antiviral, and more, including tissue regenerative and neurotonic. Sensitive skin might find they need to dilute, and it works great as a household cleaner, too.
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Melissa (Lemon Balm) Essential Oil

Melissa is also antibacterial, antimicrobial, antihistamine, and more. You can add a drop to your tea, or apply to the skin or over the reflex areas for the area of concern.
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Immunity/Protective Blends*

Immunity/protective blends are our go-to oil for immune support. These blends contain a mix of essential oils, most from this list, and are powerfully effective at getting us through cold and flu season (or just cleaning toilets).
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Oregano Essential Oil*

Oregano is a highly potent antifungal and antiviral essential oil. It's also very strong, meaning you should never apply it without diluting first. But you can cook with it! Great for very persistant funkiness, too. Did you know it's being studied for its effectiveness against MRSA?
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Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is not only yummy (you can add the oil to tea or water), but is powerfully soothing to the digestive system. Apart from being one of the antiviral essential oils, it's also antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and more. You can usually apply it without diluting, inhale for nausea, or take internally as suggested.
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Purifying Blends*

Purifying blends are especially created to be cleansing - for the body or the home. They contain multiple essential oils, many of which are antiviral, antibacterial, and even energizing. Great to use when the whole house has a cold or flu, topically or otherwise.
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Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme is said to be highly antibacterial, as well as antiviral, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. It makes a great defense against many concerns, although it should always be diluted (1 drop thyme to 4 drops carrier oil). It can be cooked with, as can many other "spices" oil.
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Homemade Antiviral Products

Green Your Clean

Many different things can be made with the oils above to help you stay healthy all season long. Below are just some examples that may help you. Just make sure you know when to see your doctor!

Natural Antiviral Cream
I'd recommend a base or carrier of shea butter, or even beeswax. If you have nothing else available you can use a lotion. Add a total of 2-3 drops per ounce of cream of one or more preferred essential oils and apply as needed. Store in a non-plastic container.

Natural Antiviral Ointments
The best carrier to use for an ointment, in my opinion, would be pure coconut oil. Mix 1-4 drops of one or more antiviral essential oils. Application can vary depending on the strength of your oils, from every 2 hours to 2-3 a day. Store in a glass jar, such as a small mason jar.

Natural Antiviral Bath Salts
Use either epsom salt (the high magnesium is great for your immune system too) or sea salt, and mix 3-5 drops of essential oils to every 1/4 cup of salt. Mix well in a glass jar and scoop up to 3/4 cup for each bath. This remedy is ideal for respiratory health, as the steam will also help you breathe easy.

Antiviral Cleaning Products
Cleaning the house with antiviral essential oils not only keeps surfaces clean around the home, it also boosts immunity for the whole family. Learn more about natural household cleaners here.

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