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New Articles

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In The News:

A recent report came out from North Carolina State University studying the affects of air pollution on pregnancy and preterm birth.

Scientists were interested in determining the probability of preterm birth when exposed to particulate matter and ozone.

What they discovered was not exactly shocking: Exposure to air pollution in the first two trimesters posed the greatest risk of preterm labor, due to what they believe is interference with "vital oxygen and nutrients to the fetus". They also determined black women and women over 40 were at greatest risk.

Specifically, the greatest risk happened between the middle of the first trimester and the beginning of the second.

Even though air pollution is improving there is still much to be done to prevent these types of damaging affects to our next generations.

ACTION: Start by spending as much time as possible in Nature and avoid going outside or traveling in the car when air pollution is heaviest.

Then contact your local representatives to ask them what they are doing to improve air pollution in your area.

Read the full report from NCSU here.

Interview: Hip Mountain Mama

I'm pleased to bring you Suzy and Andy from Hip Mountain Mama!

hip mountain mama family

Sustainable Baby Steps: What is Hip Mountain Mama and who is behind it?

Hip Mountain Mama: Hip Mountain Mama is a small family business that strives to offer the best Hip and Natural Products for Mamas and their families. We have a strong passion for preserving the Earth, raising our children in a conscious and natural way, and promoting other small family businesses. My husband, Andy, and I are the creators, owners, and operators of Hip Mountain Mama making it a true Ma and Pa shop.

SBS: How did you first become aware or get involved in environmentalism?

HMM: Honestly, I believe it has always been in my blood. I wasn't raised to be an environmentalist, it just always made sense to me. I have always loved nature and am very drawn to the cycles of the seasons and all that Mother Nature provides for us. Everything in nature is perfect and to me it is common sense that we would take care of our Earth. All that being said, after I had kids is when my passion really came alive and I started practicing more and more earthy friendly ways.

SBS: Can you tell me a bit about your vision for HMM?

HMM: Our vision has always been more than just selling earth friendly products. We love our shop and love offering unique, cute, and eco-friendly products, however, we also have a vision for making a difference in this world. Like I said above, we love nature and want to tread light and preserve her beauty. We hope to help spread the word about how important it is that we all make changes to help heal and protect our precious Earth!

SBS: What is One Small Change?

HMM: One Small Change is a grassroots movement that Andy and I started in January of 2010. We asked anyone and everyone to join us in making 1 earth friendly small (or large) change each month. It is a really easy concept and we have seen a tremendous response. It gives me chills to think about all the changes folks are making and together we are making a huge difference. Examples of changes people have made are switching to cloth napkins, turning off their lights more often, reducing use of plastics, hanging laundry to dry, and the list goes on and on. Please visit our One Small Change project here and join in!

SBS: What small changes have you made?

HMM: We started making 1 small change each month starting in January of 2010, so we are now on our 10th change! A few of these changes include switching to cloth TP, hanging our laundry to dry, reducing water usage, planting a garden, making more home made food items, buying local meat, and bringing reusable utensils with us to potlucks, camping, etc...As you can see, some of these changes were easier and smaller than others, but we just take it month by month and do what we feel we can do at that time! Our change for October was to spread the word of this project and encourage others to join. By doing this we had several more people join us and the numbers are growing...this feels really good and I am super excited about the impact we are having!

A Special Discount from Hip Mountain Mama

Hip Mountain Mama is offering Sustainable Baby Steps readers free shipping on orders over $50 through the month of November only.

Use the discount code "SBS" when checking out!

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