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There's just something about New Year's resolutions, isn't there?

In July, it all seems overrated or pointless. No one is thinking about their top New Year's resolutions; we're all just getting through our daily lives.

But about two days after Christmas, when the fabric gift wrap has been folded and put away and the dishes are finally done, the energy of the upcoming year starts to fall upon me.

I can't help it. I love Big Ideas, bigger plans and the excitement that change and personal growth brings. It's fresh and shiny and holds all the promise of the world.

Nothing feels as good as getting caught up in the collective energy of so many people embracing something new and better in their lives.

Which leads me to my thoughts on New Year's resolutions: For me, Sustainable Baby Steps has a personal and global purpose. And as I watch the website grow, I can easily see the correlation between its dual purposes and its success.

A resolution is only truly sustainable (successful) if it serves a bigger purpose.

But too often we disconnect ourselves from those bigger purposes. We feel too small, too insignificant and the problems all feel Way Too Big. How can we make real changes when we feel so incompetent?

The paradox is that in order to focus on the Big Picture (the environmental, social and political issues) we need to first focus on ourselves.

It's absolutely imperative that we first become the people that CAN create real change in the world.

Because how can we expect to make serious changes on our part, stand up to corruption or get involved in helping others when we're overworked, stressed, unhealthy, exhausted or overwhelmed?

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