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9 Ideas to Reuse Empty Checkbook Boxes

by Anonymous

Draw Organizers

Draw Organizers

I have several ideas for what you can do with empty checkbook boxes!

  • Use them as draw organizers in the bathroom (they are great for holding makeup, cotton balls, etc)

  • Let the kids decorate them, fill them with small toys or art supplies and use them as travel kits in the car

  • Since they are biodegradable, you can use them for starting seeds (make sure they don't have any funky inks though - most are soy-based ink so are likely safe)

  • Put the lids on them, tape them up with colorful tape or paint them then cover them in clear packing tape (to make them waterproof) and let them kids use them to build with

  • Reuse them as shipping boxes for small items

  • Use them as gift boxes for small presents

  • Compost them or throw them in with the paper recycling

  • Use them as kindling for the campfire

  • Shred them with other paper and use them for animal bedding or even mulch

Okay I'm about out of ideas. ;)

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